The High Line

I love finding new things to do in my city, especially free things. The High Line is a really nice way to get glimpses of different neighborhoods on the west side as well as peeks of the Hudson. The park is a really relaxed environment which makes it a nice getaway while inside the city.

I'm Back! Here's a "Not So Quick" Update

I know that I'm the queen of excuses, but I have a good reason why I haven't posted anything in a trillion years. The first few months of being away I was just really busy with school but... 

Simple Everyday Makeup Routine

I said in last Sunday's post that I wanted to do more videos, and I really want to stick to that. This video is of my simple, everyday makeup routine. I don’t wear makeup everyday, but when I do this is what I tend to go for. I always try to use as little products as possible. Sometimes I use more products than shown and sometimes I use less, but overall this is it.

A Bit of Inspiration

I love leaving books and/or magazines at my dressing table for whenever I need a bit of inspiration, not only when it comes to clothes but also hair and makeup. Of course a lot of what is photographed is editorial, but just taking bits and pieces from the content is so helpful to get ideas to incorporate into one's own style. 

UK Drugstore/ French Pharmacy Haul

While I was on my trip, which you must be tired of hearing about by now (sorry this should be the last post), I stopped by some drugstores and pharmacy. While I was in London I shopped in Boots and Superdrug and in Paris I went to Citypharma on Rue du Four. Before I'd left, I had made a list of products I wanted to pickup that I had either heard of or read about, and knew I couldn't get in the States. I ended up picking up more than I had intended to but I'm probably not going to be traveling in that direction anytime soon. I didn't purchase anything I knew I could get here, unless it was cheaper abroad. The items in this haul are the bulk of my purchases; I didn't actually buy any clothes since I didn't really leave much time for shopping and spent all the time I had sightseeing and being a tourist.

24 Hours in Paris

While on my trip to London (which you can read about HERE) I was able to take a day and catch the train to Paris. Paris is another one of those places that I had always wanted to visit. Architecturally, Paris is the most beautiful city I have ever visited to date. I had always seen pictures of its beauty, but seeing it first hand was just breathtaking. 

Top Products of 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I know I know, its a few days too late. A new year means new products, and I couldn't be more excited! I tried so many new products in 2014, some were hits and some were misses (to put it nicely). Out of all the products I tried last year, I was able to find some that I absolutely can't live without. I have even repurchased some of the products because I love them so much. The ones I repurchased were the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, Jordana lipliner in Rock N' Rose, Simple 24HR Day/Night Cream, and Origins Clear Improvement Mask. I can see myself continuing to repurchase those items time and time again.