Face Mists For All Occasions

One of the things I love to try different versions of is face mists. A good face mist can bring moisture to the skin and as well as be multipurpose, those are my favorite kinds. I learned about and came to love face mists from being exposed to the array of options found in French pharmacies.

The City That Stole My Heart

It isn't a surprise to anyone who knows me that I adore Paris. My first time visiting I instantly fell in love, even if I was only there for 24 hours. Getting to go back for an entire week brought me even more appreciation for the city. Paris is an absolutely beautiful place with an unexplainable magical feeling. Being there just felt right. Have you ever been to a place away from home that feels like home, a place that agrees with you? That is what Paris is like for me. The people, atmosphere, attitude, and lifestyle are everything I have ever wanted.

Face Mask Obsessed

I love a good face mask, so much so that I do about 2 a week. They are great not only for keeping up with skin maintenance but also as an excuse for some down time. In this post, I decided to share and review a few of my favorites below.

The High Line

I love finding new things to do in my city, especially free things. The High Line is a really nice way to get glimpses of different neighborhoods on the west side as well as peeks of the Hudson. The park is a really relaxed environment which makes it a nice getaway while inside the city.

I'm Back! Here's a "Not So Quick" Update

I know that I'm the queen of excuses, but I have a good reason why I haven't posted anything in a trillion years. The first few months of being away I was just really busy with school but... 

Simple Everyday Makeup Routine

I said in last Sunday's post that I wanted to do more videos, and I really want to stick to that. This video is of my simple, everyday makeup routine. I don’t wear makeup everyday, but when I do this is what I tend to go for. I always try to use as little products as possible. Sometimes I use more products than shown and sometimes I use less, but overall this is it.

A Bit of Inspiration

I love leaving books and/or magazines at my dressing table for whenever I need a bit of inspiration, not only when it comes to clothes but also hair and makeup. Of course a lot of what is photographed is editorial, but just taking bits and pieces from the content is so helpful to get ideas to incorporate into one's own style.