Sunday, September 14, 2014

Get to the Point

I never liked pointed shoes until about two years ago, and now pointed and d'Orsay flats are all the rage. Pointed shoes aren't everyones cup of tea, but I love them (even if they do make my feet look huge). I picked up these faux patent leather ones from Forever 21. They help dress up an outfit as well as give it a bit of class. This is such a simple outfit that looks like more effort was put into it than there actually was. Its great for back to school as well as transitioning from Summer to Autumn, and its defiantly what I tend to gravitate towards.

Top: Forever21// Jeggings: HM// Flats: Forever 21

With Love,
Ellie xx

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Maybelline's The Nudes Palette

I'm not big on wearing eyeshadow, especially on an everyday basis, but when I do I love neutral colors in a matte finish. If you're like me then you'll love the Urban Decay Naked palettes. I have the original one and loved it so much when I first got it (3-4 years ago), but I found myself gravitating to the two matte colors that it had (Naked and Buck) and only using those. Now, that palette isn't cheap and to only use a few of the colors in it defiantly isn't worth the investment. 

When I heard that Maybelline was coming out with their own neutral palette with similar colors to the original Naked palette, with more matte shades in it, I thought maybe it wouldn't hurt to check it out (I mean its fairly inexpensive). And boy was I right!! I LOVE this palette!! I've had it for over a month now and anytime I wear eyeshadow (which has actually been quite frequently after purchasing this palette) I ALWAYS go for this one. I'm not even a shimmery eyeshadow person, but I do use the ones in this palette. The shadows are soft and well pigmented (some more than others, but with an eyeshadow primer they all work perfectly well). The shadows stay on beautifully and I never have to worry about them wearing off as the day goes by. 

The palette is made up of 12 shadows, in a wide range of neutral colors (both matte and shimmery finishes). You can create so many looks with it and its small and compact that it is the perfect palette to travel with. The shadows are placed in the palette in a specific way that can be used as duos, trios, and quads (as shown in the diagram on the back). 

My only complaint about the palette is that the glitter from the shimmery shades gets into the matte shades, but on the eyes it is undetectable because its such a small amount.

If you've been thinking about buying the Urban Decay Naked palette check this one out instead. Its a great value for the money and won't break the bank.

Top Row (left to right)

Bottom Row (left to right)

With Love,
Ellie xx

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Hair Care Routine

This video is my hair care routine, which is mainly targeted to minimize frizz. There is a list of all of the products that I use, as well as some tips and tricks that have really helped to eliminate the fizziness of my hair. Of course not all of the products mentioned will work for everyone, but I do hope that you can find something that works for you or at least come away with a helpful tip. I hope you guys enjoy!

With Love,
Ellie xx

Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Walk in the Park

I spent the afternoon in one of my favorite places ever, Central Park. I love how you can be in this giant park and feel like you're away from the city while still being in it. I love my city and city life in general (I mean its really all I know since I was born and raised in it), but sometimes I just need a break from the hustle and bustle of this crazy place I call home. Central Park is always the first place I think of when I want to "getaway", when I need to feel grass under my feet, or when I want to see hot shirtless guys play sports *wink wink*. 

If you ever find yourself in NYC stop by Central Park, trust me you won't regret it!

Romper: Forever 21
Sandals: Forever 21
Sunnies: H&M

With Love,
Ellie xx

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


After many, many months of wanting to drastically cut my hair I finally did it. I convinced myself to wait until the Autumn (or when the whole hair cutting bandwagon had passed through town) to do it but decided that it was time, and I've never been happier! Before I had my hair cut, the longest layer hit me at my waist when straightened. 

My love for having short hair started around the age of 7 or 8 (basically because I wanted to be Posh Spice, which is actually the reason why my mom let me cut my hair short the first time). Throughout the years I've let my hair grow long and then I'd have it cut short again. I've always been one to experiment with my hair and change it. I find it to be so much fun trying new things with my hair.

The last time I cut my hair short I was a freshman in college (I wanted to look more mature), and now that I'm going into my 4th and final year I decided that I wanted this change not to look more mature but to feel more myself (and also because I'm SUPER lazy and having short hair is low maintanace).

I plan on keeping my hair short for a few years, trying out different lengths just to keep it fresh and from not getting boring. One thing I find with short hair is that styles can be slightly more limited, which is why trying out different lengths can help with variety. 

With Love,
Ellie xx

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bringing Back the 90's

After many attempts, my friend finally convinced me to watch My Mad Fat Diary. I don't know why I was so hesitant because I immediately fell in love with it. I defiantly recommend it to anyone interested in it. This TV show is set in the 90's and the outfits are right up my street. After I binge watched series 1 and 2 all I could think about was how much I loved the style and wished I could go back to the good old days (even though I was only a kid in the 90's). I took inspiration from most characters to create this outfit from pieces that I already owned and loved. 

This outfit was so simple to put together. I started off with a simple pair of high waisted shorts (that I cut myself from an old pair of thrifted jeans), tucked into them a crew neck white tee (I opted for this instead of a crop top just because I'm a big believer in showing off just the right amount of skin), I tied a plaid shirt around my waist and threw on my Chucks (which are basically a part of my daily uniform). I was in such a 90's mood that I even tied a scrunchie around my top knot. 

Tee: Tommy Hilfiger
Shorts: Thrifted
Plaid Shirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Converse
Scrunchie: Forever 21

With Love,
Ellie xx

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Personal Style

The one thing I've always loved about fashion is that everyone has their own personal style. From a young age my mother would let me pick out my own outfits and would take me shopping and let me choose what I wanted, not what she wanted or what anyone else wanted. That is something that to this day I will forever be thankful for. Because of this, I've been able to try different styles throughout the years to see what it is that I like and don't like. I've been able to come up with my own sense of style all on my own. 

When I think about my style, I can't pinpoint it. I'm not just edgy or just girly. I like to mix a bit of this and a bit of that into my everyday outfits. I very much like to mix extremes and see what I can come up with. I don't like the idea of style being put into a box or categorized. I dress with my mood and I wear what I want to wear. If I'm feel like wearing leggings or sweats I will. If I want to wear a dress then I will. If I want to wear heels, then dammit I'll wear the highest heals that I own! That is what I love and have always loved about style. Its something that no one can take away from me, because its my own. 

I've never been one to dress for anyone else or to want to be talked about by others. I dress for myself. I put on what I feel comfortable and beautiful in. That's something that I learned from a very young age, and something I wish everyone knew. The media and all that's out there put so much stress on the idea of "perfection", but it doesn't exist. Young girls and boys are exposed to false ideas and unfortunately it will probably always be this way. So I encourage everyone to wear whatever the hell you want! Life is way too short to not be yourself or be comfortable with who you are. Stop worrying about whats "in style" and what everyone is wearing or not wearing and put on that outfit that's been sitting in your closet because you are too afraid to wear it! Be proud of who you are and own it!

I know that this post may be a bit more "serious" that my usually style of writing, but its something that I wanted to get out there. I've been struggling so hard on trying to have my blog be a specific way but it just wasn't me. I started my first blog (wherever that is now) because I wanted it to be something fun. The more serious I tried to be about it the less I enjoyed doing it. Having my blog be like everyone else's and very "professional" isn't my style (see what I did there *wink*). I'm just going to do and write however and whatever I want. I want to start having fun with this again, even if that means I'm the only one who's going to end up reading it. Like I said before life is too short, and I choose to live a happy one.

PS: I want to put it out there that I am in no way saying that I am super confident and am completely comfortable with myself, or that I don't have off days (because God knows I do!). Learning to love myself and to be comfortable in my own skin is something that I work on every single day. Each day I learn to love who I am and the things that I can never change about myself a bit more. I hope this post helps at least one person, and feel free to pass it on to anyone who may need a bit of a confidence boost!

With Love,
Ellie xx